Ecommerce Design Trends

While it might be fair to say that making a name for yourself in the world of eCommerce is all about standing out from the crowd, this doesn’t mean you couldn’t benefit from following the pack in one or two ways. When it comes to the actual layout and the structure of your website, there are certain trends followed by the vast majority of world-leading businesses and brands for a very clear reason – they work!

So if you’re looking for a few pointers from your peers and those you’re admittedly striving to be a little more like, here’s a look at just a few of the top design eCommerce trends making waves right now:

Continue Shopping Buttons

Ideally you want to make your conversions as valuable as possible, so giving your readers the option to continue shopping rather than checking out their buys is crucial. How can you encourage this? Well, as it stands a full 35% of the top 200 eCommerce players ensure their "continue shopping" buttons are the same size as the "check out" buttons, while a massive 79% insist on keeping all "continue shopping" buttons a consistent size, shape and color throughout their sites.

Privacy Assurances

We’re living in an age of cybercrime and a greater level of awareness than ever before – unsurprising therefore that this is another of today’s top design trends. Specifically, no less than 80% of the world’s top sites ensure that they clearly address and communicate privacy concerns prior to final purchase screens.

Signups…or Not

It’s also become clear that not everyone is happy to sign up just to make a purchase – in fact, more people than ever are refusing to buy unless they can buy anonymously. This is precisely why no less than 50% of the world’s leading online businesses now allow anonymous purchases without the buyer having to sign in – one of the fastest growing top design eCommerce trends.

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